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2015 NAJDSC Opening Video, Right Now.

(See note below the video for information about the soundtrack.)

The sounnd track for the video. Right Now by Van Halen is available on iTunes, Amazon Music and Spotify for free.

What is Systems Intellegence?

The work done at your Jewish day school extends far beyond your office. Your words, acts, and relationships constantly reverberate throughout your school ecosystem. Many of the connections are obvious, and some are nearly invisible, but one thing is clear: When we consider the system as whole, great possibilities present themselves. Problems are resolved faster. New opportunities appear. The whole thrives. Uncommon Connections teaches Systems Intelligence. Attend—and make you, your school, and your entire community, smarter.

What Are Constellations Of Learning?

In between our common experiences, we have designed four Constellations of Learning. Within each, choose from a variety of learning opportunities to suit your interests and learning preferences. You can use each three-hour Constellation to best support your learning goals for this year’s conference, deepening your understanding of the conference theme of system intelligence, stimulating and refreshing yourself, and developing specific strategies and resources for improving your work on behalf of your school. You will choose your own learning adventure. You can choose among many Constellation options in each of the four Constellations. You schedule your own time within each Constellation and across all four to include as many or as few of the options as you wish. Only the excursions require advance signup, as they are space-limited and require transportation arrangements. Please note that excursions and Open Space sessions are not available in all Constellations.

Conference Materials

Download conference presentations and handouts here.

Executive Director Opening Remarks

You can read the Executive Director’s opening remarks here.

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